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Andrew Weber

Animals Used for Testing

Anne Harrington

Dastan Eleukenov

Discipline in the workplace


Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and David Franz

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Milton Leitenberg

Gennady Lepeshkin and Richard Spertzel

01. What agents and vaccines did you work with at USAMRIID?
02. "We, too, have had scientists who accidentally became infected in the lab."
03. "I was called 'the walking guinea pig'."
04. How the work of American microbiologists differed from that in Russia
05. What was the effect in Fort Detrick of the abolishment of the US biowepons program?
06. Could you speak about the people who oppose the use of animals in scientific research?
07. Where did the animals come from?
08. Where was the anthrax made that was mailed to various officеs in the US in 2001?
09. Many people say that biologiocal weapons served as a good deterrent
10. "In 2004 I had my forty-first trip to Iraq."
11. "When doing inspection work in Iraq, how did you know how much they had achieved?"
12. A pact was signed between Iraq and Syria about chemical and biological weapons
13. "It's not a lie when you are ordered to lie."
14. "You had to catch them in an obvious lie."

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