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Andrew Weber

Animals Used for Testing

Anne Harrington

Dastan Eleukenov

Discipline in the workplace


Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and David Franz

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Milton Leitenberg

01. When working on your book, who did you talk to in the former Soviet bioweapons program?
02. Why didn't you interview some scientists who were living in Russia?
03. Just how secret was the existence of the Soviet bioweapons program?
04. Why does the secrecy around the program exist even today?
05. Why did Yeltsin close the bioweapons program?
06. Did you participate in the creation of the document that Yeltsin published?
07. Did you receive the text of Yeltsin's announcement?
08. How did the public learn about Yeltsin's decree to abolish the program?
09. Yeltsin put the foxes in charge of the chickens (about chemical weapons)
10. Did the Soviet scientists know about the Convention that banned their work?
11. Orders from Moscow to discontinue work and restructure the Stepnogorsk facility
12. The Stepnogorsk institute stopped all research into pathogens in 1990
13. What was your reaction when bioweapons work was declared a criminal offense?
14. What happened to the scientists after the work was stopped?
15. The line between research and development doesn't exist
16. The ranking of the Stepnogorsk facility among other similar facilities
17. How was the finished product transferred to the bunkers in Stepnogorsk?
18. How was the stockpiled anthrax transported to Vozrozhdeniya Island for burial?
19. Why did people continue to become infected 69 days after the Sverdlovsk disaster?
20. Why were there several strains of anthrax in Sverdlovsk?
21. What did the first inspection team learn in Stepnogorsk?

Gennady Lepeshkin and Richard Spertzel

GNL: Reflections on the past

GNL: The Almaty Interview

GNL: The Washington Interview

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Sergei Popov: My Science

Sergei Popov: The System

Yuri Orlov