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Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

01. How many people worked at the Sepnogorsk plant, and what's there now?
02. Two buildings at the Stepnogorsk plant were demolished
03. The funding stopped before all elements of weaponization were completed
04. Were any attempts made to commercialize the Stepnogorsk plant?
05. Why the capacity to produce tremendous amounts of bioweapons?
06. The effort directed to bioweapons production could have produced tons of pharmaceuticals
07. Where did the people who worked at the Stepnogorsk plant do their testing?
08. How much of this was known to the American intelligence services?
09. Did the Soviet scientists know that the American program was discontinued?
10. Did you know that you were violating the treaty?
11. On multiple infection sources in Sverdlovsk: why a BW attack is a complicated affair
12. The USSR had to save face as well as hide their military program
13. In 1992, the US was more interested in supporting Yeltsin than in establishing the truth
14. Voice of America reported the Sverdlovsk disaster the very next day
15. How does one become a military microbiologist (part 1)?
16. How does one become a military microbiologist (part 2)?
17. How military microbiologists justified their work
18. Trust and verify
19. Keeping secrets from your own government and from other countries
20. "When I testified before a joint session of Congress..."
21. It's no great secret that we knew that they knew what our satellites were doing

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Milton Leitenberg

Gennady Lepeshkin and Richard Spertzel

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GNL: The Almaty Interview

GNL: The Washington Interview

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