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Gary Crocker

01. I came to the Bureau of Intelligence at the State Department in 1974
02. Was it a surprise for the US to discover the Soviet bioweapons program?
03. We had to rely on the photo interpreter
04. Photo interpreters identified key bioweapons facilities in the USSR
05. William Beecher's 1975 article in the Boston Globe
06. The military people don't like biological weapons
07. It's ironic that when we quit, the Russians kicked their bioweapons program into high gear
08. The scientists in both countries thought they were building deterrents
09. When Sverdlovsk happened, we knew what it was
10. The US knew about the Soviet biological weapons program, so why didn't we restart ours?
11. "To my knowledge there's no country that has biological weapons."
12. There was a senior person who refused to believe the evidence
13. Pasechnik told us that plague was their most important biological weapon
14. By 1992 the White House was ready to move
15. Yeltsin didn't know the scale of the bioweapons program in his country
16. Yeltsin didn't know that Biopreparat employed some forty-five hundred people
17. "We found you out."
18. We should give the British more credit than us
19. Pasechnik was one of the most important defectors from the USSR
20. "I was in the presence of evil."
21. Pasechnik gave us the smoking gun

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