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01. At one time only 30% of the population were ethnic Kazakhs
02. There were many camps for political prisoners in Kazakhstan
03. Kazakhstan was an enormous test site
04. Kazakhstan was used to test nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons
05. What was the first step in researching the bioweapons facilities in Kazakhstan?
06. Kazakhstan had many biological research centers
07. The biological weapons program violated our international commitments
08. It is easy to conceal biological weapons
09. Military logic is simple
10. About the arms race
11. A scientist is a person who satisfies his curiosity at government's expense
12. The Stepnogorsk facility was a strictly military enterprise
13. The Stepnogorsk plant was ready to produce biological weapons
14. The scale of production at the Stepnogorsk plant
15. Lepeshkin told the real story to the government of Kazakhstan
16. Did the public in Kazakhstan learn the secrets of Stepnogorsk?
17. Was information about Stepnogorsk published?
18. Vozrozhdeniya Island was an ideal testing site
19. Animals could carry the infection from the island to the mainland
20. Is it true that biological weapons can be easily produced in a make-shift lab?

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