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Andrew Weber

01. How did you end up working at the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan?
02. What were you working on in Kazakhstan?
03. What was the Nunn-Lugar Program?
04. What was the most striking thing about the Soviet bioweapons program?
05. Was the Soviet bioweapons program funded well?
06. Can you offer an example of a non-proliferation project?
07. What was special about Stepnogorsk?
08. When did you first visit Stepnogorsk?
09. Can you describe your first visit to Stepnogorsk?
10. Were you told the truth about the Stepnogorsk plant?
11. What was the break-through moment of your Stepnogorsk visit?
12. What did you find at the Stepnogorsk plant?
13. What did this anthrax factory look like?
14. Can you describe something you saw at the Stepnogorsk plant?
15. Did the Stepnogorsk scientists do all their testing at the plant?
16. Were you able to see the remote testing grounds?
17. "After the official part of the visit was over, they were very open with us."
18. "Gennadiy Lepeshkin accompanied us to the island."
19. "A lot depends on the individual."
20. "They had been lied to by their own government."
21. Where was the island that the scientists used for testing their work?
22. What did you find on the Vozrozhdeniya Island?
23. "Sometimes they used as many as 100 monkeys for one test."
24. "Top secret when filled in."
25. "We don't want other countries to repeat this experience."
26. Hundreds of animal cages
27. Over 100 tons of anthrax were buried on the island
28. "It felt like the Moon landing."
29. "Dangerous pathogens were stored in many laboratories."
30. "We considered Gennadiy to be part of our team."

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