Choosing Russian language courses: fast & slow tracks
You can read about the A & S College foreign language requirement under Language requirement (in the navigation bar on the left), but regardless of the language requirement, you should consider one of these tracks for your first- and second-year Russian language studies.
  • 1st year Intensive: 1103 + 1121 in the Fall, 1104 + 1122 in the Spring
  • 1st year non-Intensive: 1121 in the Fall, 1122 in the Spring
  • 2nd year Intensive: 1125 + 2203 in the Fall, 1126 + 2204 in the Spring
  • 2nd year non-Intensive: 2203 in the Fall, 2204 in the Spring
  • 2nd year "mostly reading; lighter load": 1125 in the Fall, 1126 in the Spring
Choose the sequence that best suits your goals.
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