Viktoria Tsimberov, Slava Paperno, Raissa Krivitsky
Our main sequence of courses is team-taught by (left to right) Viktoria Tsimberov, Slava Paperno, and Raissa Krivitsky. Each of us also teaches his or her own courses. If we were to describe our program in three words, it would be "challenging, fulfilling, and fun." And very friendly!

Current Announcements (last updated March, 20, 2021)

  • Fall 2021: classes might be taught in person, or online, or in combination of these two environments, depending on the situation in NYS and Ithaca.
    Spring 2021: This semester all RUSSA classes are taught on Zoom: in real time • in small groups • never pre-recorded • highly interactive. We have done that with great success since March 2020 and can have fun doing it again this spring. We are aware that for students with extremes forms of ADD it might be difficult to concentrate in front of a computer. But it can be done, and besides, online language learning has advantages that work for everyone:
    • with adequate equipment, you can hear the sounds more clearly, and adjust the volume when needed;
    • the teacher can hear you better: no need to shout through a mask at six feet from everyone;
    • if you happen to have a soft voice, just move the microphone closer to your mouth, or get a more sensitive one;
    • language classes are small, and with everyone facing their cameras on the same screen, it is easy to feel in touch with all your classmates;
    • you will never be neglected by the teacher just because you happen to be sitting in the corner or be obscured by a bigger fellow;
    • words typed in the chat box are equally readable to everyone; it is like every student getting her own blackboard that’s always visible to all;
    • you can save the entire contents of the chat box: no need to copy everything from the blackboard;
    • you can see yourself the way others see you, and can tuck away that stubborn strand of hair, or practice self control;
    • no one gets sick
  • Class scheduling: Some of the information under Rooms and times (see link on the left) is preliminary. For all courses marked TBA, see Organizational meeting below.
  • Organizational meeting for all Fall 2021 courses marked TBA will be held at 4:30 on Friday August 27, 2021 at a venue to be posted here in mid-August.
  • Placement Test in Russian: Contact Slava Paperno by email,, for an online appointment.
  • Russian Language Club at Cornell: Join the Facebook group (run by students) to stay updated. Join the listserv by sending an empty message with subject "Join" to The club's e-mail is
  • Russian Minor is offered in the Department of Comparative Literature. See details under Russian minor (link on the left).
  • Free on-campus tutoring at LSC.
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  • Scholarships, study abroad, etc.:
    • February 15 is the application deadline for our Michael Harum Award. If you plan to study in Russia, click Study in Russia for the link.
    • Applications to various programs for study in Russia are generally due in early-to-mid-February, click Study in Russia for links.
    • The AATSEEL site under Outside resources always has relevant information on internships, graduate studies, and such.
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If you learned Russian at home or studied it in high school, see Russian for Russians under Courses.
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You will find contact information under Faculty. If you are new to the program and have a question, write to Slava Paperno.
From our students:
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