The Russian 1122 (and 1131-1132) final exam is in four parts, all written. In each course, in any given semester, the exam covers only the lessons and films that were actually studied. The number of points shown below may differ slightly from year to year.

Part A. Based on Quizzes (questions selected from any quiz for any Lesson in the book that is covered in Russian 1122, Lesson 52 to Lesson 102. 103 points

Part B. Based on written homework in Russian 1122. 50 points

Part C. Based on films. Translation from Russian to English, ten short sentences from the transcripts to any film covered in Russian 1122. 50 points.

Part D. Translate a short passage from Chto ya videl (Что я видел) into English, one of the sections that we read this semester. 30 points.

The best way to review is to practice all Quizzes on the computer; to re-read all your written homework corrected during the semester; to re-read all Russian transcripts to the films you watched this semester; and to review the part of «Что я видел» that was covered during the semester (see Syllabus if you are not sure).

Completing this exam usually takes 50 to 80 minutes, but you can have as much time as you need.