The Russian 1121-1122 (and 1131-1132) final exams, and the midterm (if given) are written tests, mostly fill-in-the-blanks, grammar, and translation questions.

The final exam covers only the materials that were assigned in the course syllabus this semester. The midterm covers only the materials assigned and studied by the date of the midterm. You will be asked to:

The midterm must be completed during the regular 50-minuite class. Completing the final exam usually takes 50 to 90 minutes, but you can have as much time as you need.

The best way to review is to practice all Quizzes on the computer; to re-read all your written homework corrected during the semester; to re-read all Russian transcripts to the films and videos you watched this semester; to review the Research and Review Paper(s) covered; and, if reading «Что я видел» was part of the course, review all of its sections that were in the homework assignments.

These links may be handy as you review (use only those parts that apply to your course, or the part of the course you have covered, this semester):

COLLT Review Lessons 10-52
Written Homework Review Lessons 10-52
Eralash Review
Review & Research Papers 1-3

COLLT Review Lessons 53-110
Written Homework Review Lessons 53-109
Film Review