The Russian 1121 (and 1131-1132) final exam is in four parts, all written. In each course, in any given semester, the exam covers only the lessons and films that were actually studied. The number of points shown below may differ slightly from year to year.

Part I has 45 fill-in-the-blanks questions taken from Beginning Russian Quizzes for the Lessons that were covered this semester. These are worth 70 points total.

Part II has 5 questions selected from the three Review Papers in Russian 1121. 10 points total.

Part III has 6 questions from written homework assigned in Russian 1121. It is worth 12 points.

Part IV has 10 short phrases/sentences to translate from Russian to English that are worth 40 points total. These are taken from the transcripts to the videos that are covered in Russian 1121.

No questions require that you mark word stress. There are no unknowns in the above portion of the final; you have already seen and answered all these questions. The best way to prepare for the exam is to practice the Quizzes on your computer or in the lab; to review your corrected Review Papers; to review your corrected written homework; and to re-read the transcripts to all the videos covered in Russian 1121 (and review your corrected translations of these transcripts).

The exam may include an additional, optional part for extra credit that you need not prepare for specifically.

Completing this exam usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, but you can have as much time as you need.

COLLT Review
Written Homework Review
Eralash Review
Review & Research Papers