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As explained in the Course Description, this independent, directed-study course does not have a pre-defined syllabus. We'll make it up as we go.
Week 1: Sunday 01/20/19 - Saturday 01/26/19 [show/hide]
Compare Marshak's translation of "The House That Jack Built" to the original at". See if you want to offer a different translation--perhaps a more accurate one--for some of the lines.
Week 2: Sunday 01/27/19 - Saturday 02/02/19 [show/hide]
Корней Иванович Чуковский.
1) Найдите биографию Чуковского в Википедии (по-русски или по-английски) и почитайте о его жизни.
2) Найдите звукозапись или видеозапись стихотворения Чуковского «Тараканище» и послушайте, одновременно читая текст.
3) Разберитесь со словарем, что значит каждая строка «Тараканища» и начните думать о том, как вы перевели бы некоторые строки.
Week 3: Sunday 02/03/19 - Saturday 02/09/19 [show/hide]
1) Listen and read-along Тараканище: the 7 minutes video narrated by a woman or the 16-minutes video narrated by a male actor.
2) Write a prose translation of the story in a style that can be read aloud to a child and maintains as much of the spirit of Chukovsky's story as possible.
Week 4: Sunday 02/10/19 - Saturday 02/16/19 [show/hide]
Читайте: Сергей Михалков. «А что у вас?»
Смотрите и слушайте: то же самое.
Week 5: Sunday 02/17/19 - Saturday 02/23/19 [show/hide]
Напишите стихотворение по-русски в подражание «А что у вас?». Для поисков рифмы вам может быть полезен этот словарь.
Week 6: Sunday 02/24/19 - Saturday 03/02/19 [show/hide]
Сравните любой/любые перевод(ы) стихов доктора Сьюза (Dr. Seuss) с оригиналом. (Не обязательно всем выбирать одни и те же стихи.) На занятии мы поговорим о ваших наблюдениях и мнениях.
Week 7: Sunday 03/03/19 - Saturday 03/09/19 [show/hide]
In this class, we'll finish editing Katya's poem and finish reading her Dr. Seuss choice. Would you also prepare a Russian translation (in prose) of a small portion of your Dr. Seuss selection?
Week 8: Sunday 03/10/19 - Saturday 03/16/19 [show/hide]
Unfinished business from last week.
Week 9: Sunday 03/17/19 - Saturday 03/23/19 [show/hide]
Katya will " look at a couple of the Alexander Vvedensky poems here and here, and maybe attempt to translate them into English." Lea will "translate to English some of Григорьев's poems here or here or here or here and also the hippotamus one by Рената Муха."
Week 10: Sunday 03/24/19 - Saturday 03/30/19 [show/hide]
Почитайте классическую поэму Самуила Маршака (1887-1964), известную каждому советскому школьнику, "Мистер Твистер".
Week 11: Sunday 03/31/19 - Saturday 04/06/19 [show/hide]
Week 12: Sunday 04/07/19 - Saturday 04/13/19 [show/hide]
Переведите сколько успеете из «Мистера Твистера».
Week 13: Sunday 04/14/19 - Saturday 04/20/19 [show/hide]
Читаем переводы стихов Жака Превера. Русские переводы здесь, а английские переводы и французские оригиналы скоро найдет и пришлет нам Лия. And she has! Here is what she said: "I found these two websites that have a few poems in English, but not all the ones you found in Russian. and My (Lea's) personal favorites are Barbara, breakfast or brunch (which I found in Russian here), and Paris de nuit. The red horse (in English here) and "This Love" are really nice too." So we'll do what Lea says.
Week 14: Sunday 04/21/19 - Saturday 04/27/19 [show/hide]
Опять Жак Превер.
Week 15: Sunday 04/28/19 - Saturday 05/04/19 [show/hide]
Переводим The Owl and the Pussycat
Week 16: Sunday 05/05/19 - Saturday 05/11/19 [show/hide]
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