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Russian 1131-1132 is a TBA (Time to Be Arranged) course. This means that the meeting times are chosen at the beginning of each semester so as to accommodate everyone. Come to the organizational meeting where this is done, usually on the second day of the semester. The time and place of the meeting are announced on our Welcome page, see the navigation bar on the left.

At the beginning of the semester, we will decide, for each group of students, how many days of this syllabus they want to cover each week; in other words, how fast they want to move through the material. The 136 days of the syllabus below are equivalent to 8 credit hours. The standard two-semester Russian 1121-1122 sequence covers all of this work, 68 days per semester. When taking the course at half speed (compared to the traditional Russian 1121-1122, 4 credits per semester), you would cover 34 days of this syllabus per semester and earn 2 credit hours each semester. If you want to move faster, you can cover 50 days of the syllabus per semester and earn 3 credit hours each semester. See Course Description for details. Members of any group are encouraged to attend the meetings of the other groups for practice or review whenever their schedule allows. Even if the other group is ahead of you, you will get a boost from attending an extra class.

How to read the calendar and assignments below
Click the "show/hide" link for your group; find the current week and note what days in the syllabus your group covers during this week; scroll down and click the link for those days under ASSIGNMENTS; the homework listed for those days must be done over the course of the week; you can decide when to do what, but by the end of the week, all that homework must be done. You will get a lot more out of each class if you do the homework before the class. But this is a self-paced course: it is your responsibility to plan and schedule your work. Be sure to read the Course Description (see link at the top).

Group A (3-credit, 2nd semester) calendar [show/hide]
(4 classes/week: any 3 required, the 4th highly recommended)
Group B (3-credit, 4th semester) calendar [show/hide]
(4 classes/week: any 3 required, the 4th highly recommended)

Review for Days 1 - 70

COLLT Review Lessons 10-52
Written Homework Review Lessons 10-52
Eralash Review
Review & Research Papers 1-3

Review for Days 71 - 150

COLLT Review Lessons 53-110
Written Homework Review Lessons 53-109
Film Review

Day 1 - 10 [show/hide]
Day 11 - 20 [show/hide]
Day 21 - 30 [show/hide]
Day 31 - 40 [show/hide]
Day 41 - 50 [show/hide]
Day 51 - 60 [show/hide]
Day 61 - 70 [show/hide]
Day 71 - 80 [show/hide]
Day 81 - 90 [show/hide]
Day 91 - 100 [show/hide]
Day 101 - 110 [show/hide]
Day 111 - 120 [show/hide]
Day 121 - 130 [show/hide]
Day 131 - 140 [show/hide]
Day 141 - 150 [show/hide]
Day 151 - 160 [show/hide]
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