Courses for the Russian Minor
The Russian Minor in the Department of Comparative Literature is open to undergraduates in all seven colleges. Details about the minor are available at", where the required Russian language courses are listed. The non-language courses that can currently be taken to satisfy the requirements are listed below.
Fall 2017
  • G. Shapiro, COML 3815/ENGL 3790/RUSSL 3385 Reading Nabokov
  • G. Shapiro, COML 3330/AMST 3331/RUSSL 3330 America through Russian Eyes
  • N. Pollak, COML 2050 Introduction to Poetry
Spring 2018
  • M. Evangelista, GOVT/HIST 3837 The Cold War. Possible optional Russian-language section sponsored by FLAS.
  • N. Pollak, RUSSL 3341 Short Russian Fiction (The Nineteenth Century)
  • N. Pollak, COML 3811 Theory and Practice of Translation
Fall 2018
  • Claudia Verhoeven, Soviet History
  • other courses in other departments
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