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Sergei Popov: My Science

01. Genetic engineering for more effective weapons
02. Another approach: combining bacterial and viral infections
03. You treat the patient for one disease, and he dies from the other one
04. Fatality rate from our smallpox strain can reach 100 percent
05. Diphtheria toxin implanted in smallpox bacteria
06. Recombinant legionella: the animals were paralyzed from the waist down
07. I found the system profoundly depressing
08. We had more money than we could use, but it was dead-end work
09. Yeltsin signed his decree, and there was no more food for our animals
10. The good and the bad (combines clips 08 and 09)
11. Were you frightened by your ability to create new life forms?
12. No one had any use for us anymore
13. American biologists were also told that they were superfluous
14. The biological agent we were to develop had to be lethal
15. The Soviet military doctrine was similar to Lenin's revolutionary doctrine
16. I was fond of my country, but it ended up oppressing its people
17. What is the fatal flaw of capitalism that you discovered?

Sergei Popov: The System

Yuri Orlov