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Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

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GNL: Reflections on the past

GNL: The Almaty Interview

01. What is the current state of the center that you ran in Stepnogorsk?
02. Why were aerosols so important for biological weapons work?
03. Why were primates used in testing?
04. Why was the work on tularemia so important?
05. What was the process of getting a product approved for use?
06. How do they clean up an infected area?
07. Is it true that a biological weapon was used at Stalingrad during the war?
08. How many people died while doing research on biological weapons?
09. I read that someone died on the island, too. Is that true?
10. Is it true that in 1928 the Red Army studied typhus for use as a weapon?
11. Did work in a biological lab put your life at risk?
12. Have accidents happened in biological weapons work?
13. Have you heard that the accident in Sverdlovsk was called "biological Chernobyl"?
14. I heard that the Stepnogorsk center was designed as an anthrax factory.
15. Would you like to add any thoughts?

GNL: The Washington Interview

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