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Andrew Weber

Animals Used for Testing

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Discipline in the workplace


Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and David Franz

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Milton Leitenberg

Gennady Lepeshkin and Richard Spertzel

GNL: Reflections on the past

01. Epigraph
02. I was born into a military family
03. I was proud of my country
04. At first I was a so-so student...
05. We worked hard, and at night we sang songs
06. They sent me to the Military Medical Academy
07. In 1984, Stepnogorsk was a wonderful town
08. It was a modern city of concrete and glass
09. Stepnogorsk has gone downhill
10. When I came to the facility, no one knew its purpose
11. Prior to my arrival, they were merely putting up buildings
12. Alibekov and I primed the facility for pathogen research
13. Our group worked hard and played hard
14. Violations of the protocol could not be tolerated
15. The story of a foolish boss (version 1)
16. The story of a foolish boss (version 2)
17. I still have lots of friends in Stepnogorsk
18. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union...
19. I was made the General Director
20. Moscow dropped their support, those were hard times
21. I wanted to eat at the old cafe, but it was gone
22. The city has gone to seed
23. They knew my dog, they sang with me
24. Their future is uncertain
25. You won't find the same atmosphere in Stepnogorsk
26. Our special flight used to take us to the testing grounds in 3 hours
27. Vozrozhdeniya Island used to be an oasis
28. When the Aral Sea had fish, life was good in Aralsk
29. The sea receded, the ships got stripped down to the carcasses
30. The ships were gone, nothing was left but camels
31. A horse is a must for any Kazakh
32. Ten years ago the island turned into a peninsula

GNL: The Almaty Interview

GNL: The Washington Interview

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Sergei Popov: My Science

Sergei Popov: The System

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