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Andrew Weber

Animals Used for Testing

Anne Harrington

Dastan Eleukenov

Discipline in the workplace


01. Did your children know what you did for a living? Do they know now?
02. Did your family know about your work in biological weapons?
03. Did your wife know what you were working on?
04. What did your children know about your work?
05. What did your parents do?
06. When it became possible, did you tell your family about your work in those days?

Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and David Franz

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Gary Crocker

Gennadiy Lepeshkin and Milton Leitenberg

Gennady Lepeshkin and Richard Spertzel

GNL: Reflections on the past

GNL: The Almaty Interview

GNL: The Washington Interview

My Work



Public discussions


Sergei Popov: My Science

Sergei Popov: The System

Yuri Orlov