The feminine adjectives accompanying the words двљ, трќ, and четІре are generally in the Nominative Plural (and Accusative Plural with inanimate nouns), though the Genitive Plural may be also used.
Здљсь живџт двљ хорћшенькие (Nom.) медсестрІ. На столљ лежђт двљ хорћшие (Nom.) дІни. Ї купќл двљ хорћшие (Acc.) дІни.
These forms are also possible:
Здљсь живџт двљ хорћшеньких (Gen.) медсестрІ. На столљ лежђт двљ хорћших (Gen.) дІни. Ї купќл двљ хорћших (Gen.) дІни.
This variation occurs only when the adjective is used with a noun whose Genitive Singular form sounds exactly the same as Nominative Plural, e.g. медсестрІ, дІни, etc., i.e. with feminine nouns having the SS stress pattern.
Note that the situation is very different, when the numeral is in an oblique form (i.e., any form other than Nom.): the numeral and adjective then must agree with the noun, e.g. Ї говорќл о двџх (Prep.) хорћшеньких (Prep.) медсёстрах (Prep.). 'I spoke of two cute nurses.'