To create all the inflected forms of a verb you must learn two stems: the past stem (infinitive) and the non-past stem (the 3rd Person Plural). In addition, you must learn its stress pattern: E(nd), S(tem), or M(oving).
For example, you need to know писђть MS пќшут 'write' in order to create these forms:
писђл, писђла, писђло, писђли, пишџ, пќшешь, пќшет, пќшем, пќшете.
The conjugation of regular verbs is described in the chart for the two conjugation classes.
Spelling rules affect the way some of these endings are written.
The 1st Sg. non-past forms of many 2nd conjugation verbs are affected by consonant alternation.
There are four verbs whose non-past endings are irregular.
Some verbs have irregular past tense forms.