These rules affect the spelling of endings of many nouns and adjectives. The endings in the chart are listed with their basic spellings, i.e. they begin with the plain indicators: ы е а о у. These letters are used if the stem ends in a plain paired consonant. If the stem ends in a different kind of consonant, then certain endings may begin with the palatal indicators instead: и е я ё (if stressed) ю.
Examples of basic endings (сестрђ 'sister'):
ы е а о у
сестрІ сестрљ сестрђ сестрћй сестрџ
Examples of a stem ending in a paired palatalized consonant (роднї 'family, relatives'):
и е я ё ю
роднќ роднљ роднї роднёй роднє
Examples of a stem ending in the sound /y/ (статьї 'article'):
и е я ё ю
статьќ статьљ статьї статьёй статьє
If the stem ends in a noisy consonant (ч щ ш ж ц) or a velar consonant (к г х), then the first vowel of each ending will be from the basic series, except for the following replacements:
Rule A: ы is replaced by и after: ч щ ш ж к г х
Examples: врачќ кнќги
  хорћший рџчки
instead of: стакђны бљлый
Rule B: о is replaced by е when unstressed after: ч щ ш ж ц  
Examples: хорћшей  
instead of: большћй