The full form of years contains the words for 'thousand' and 'hundred', not the words for the teens, as is the English custom, i.e. not 'nineteen 75', but 'one thousand nine hundred 75'. Russians usually skip the century if it is obvious, and just say the equivalent of '75, as we sometimes do in English.
В какћм годџ ты родилђсь? What year were you born in?
Ї родилђсь в (тІсяча девятьсћт) сљмьдесят пљрвом годџ. I was born in '71.
Онђ родилђсь в двухтІсячном годџ. She was born in 2000.
Ї родќлся в ноябрљ (тІсяча девятьсћт) сљмьдесят пїтого гћда. I was born in November '75.
Note that the ordinal numeral for the last word in the year is used. Note also the prepositions and the case forms:
Ї родилђсь в (тІсяча Nom. девятьсћт Nom.) сљмьдесят Nom. пљрвом Prep. годџ Loc.
Ї родќлся в ноябрљ Prep. сљмьдесят Nom. пїтого Gen. гћда Gen.