Adjectives used as nouns
  Столћвая, убћрная, and вђнная are all feminine adjectives used as nouns, short for phrases with the feminine noun кћмната, such as вђнная кћмната; this full phrase is seldom used in conversation.
Dining rooms and dining halls
  The word столћвая refers to various things: a dining room in a house or apartment, a dining hall or cafeteria associated with an institution like a school or factory, and an independent eating establishment with fewer amenities than the type of restaurant denoted by the word ресторђн.
Bathrooms, European style
  The убћрная is a room with a toilet in it, not a bath or shower. The вђнная is a room with a bathtub and/or shower, not a toilet. Use either term, вђнная or убћрная, for a room with both toilet and bath.
Some room names are regular nouns, such as коридћр 'hallway, corridor,' спђльня 'bedroom,' туалљт 'lavatory, half-bathroom.'