The verb хотљться has only two forms: non-past хћчется and past хотљлось. Verbs that have only these two forms (i.e., that lack personal forms) are called impersonal verbs. Like most impersonal verbs, хотљться takes a Dative case for the person involved (Мнљ/Емџ/Љй хћчется 'I/He/She feel(s) like').
The difference between Ї хочџ and Мнљ хћчется is roughly the difference between 'I want' and 'I feel like'.
Ї хочџ читђть. I want to read.
Мнљ хћчется читђть. I feel like reading.
Ї хочџ мїса. I want some meat.
Мнљ хћчется мїса. I feel like having some meat.
Мнљ не хћчется идтќ в кинћ. I don't feel like going to the movies.