When used on a verb of motion, the prexix про- can have the following meanings:
  • past, by (usually with the preposition мќмо + Gen.)
  • past, miss
  • down; through (often with через + Acc.)
  • to (used with к + Dat in asking directions)
Пройдќте мќмо ресторђна «Пекќн». Go past the Peking restaurant.
Ћн прољхал своє останћвку. He missed (went past) his bus stop.
Ћн прошёл длќнный коридћр. He went down a long corridor.
Чтобы вІехать из гћрода, нђдо прољхать через нћвые райћны. To get of the city you have to go through the new neighborhoods.
ВІ не скђжете, кђк пройтќ к ресторђну «Пекќн»? Could you tell me how to get the Peking?