A One-way verb with a prefix is Perfective.
Its Imperfective partner is the prefixed Non-One-way verb.
Here are the most common prefixes for coming and going:
в-(во-)/вы- 'in/out' (enter/exit)
при-/у- 'hither/thither' (arrive/leave, come/go away)
Perfective Imperfective
Онђ вошлђ в кћмнату. She came/went into the room. Онђ вхћдит в кћмнату. She is coming/going into the room.
Онђ вІшла из кћмнаты. She left the room. Онђ выхћдит из кћмнаты. She is leaving the room.
Онђ пришлђ в пїть часћв. She arrived at five o'clock. Онђ прихћдит в пїть часћв. She comes at five o'clock.
Гдљ Мђша? — Онђ ушлђ. Where's Masha? - She's gone. Мђша ухћдит. Masha is leaving.
The exception to the above rule is the pair љхать/љздить: the prefixed Imperfective form is -езжђть/-езжђют.
Perfective Imperfective
Онђ въљхала в гарђж. She drove into the garage. Онђ всегдђ въезжђет в гарђж. She always drives into the garage.
Онђ вІехала из гаражђ. She drove out of the garage. Онђ всегдђ выезжђет из гаражђ. She always drives out of the garage.
Онђ приљхала в пїть часћв. She arrived (by venicle) at five o'clock. Онђ всегдђ приезжђет в пїть часћв. She always arrives at 5.
Гдљ Мђша? — Онђ уљхала. Where's Masha? - She's gone. Онђ всегдђ уезжђет в пїть. She always leaves at 5.