The Perfective/Imperfective partners in this list cannot be determined by looking at their suffixes or prefixes. You simply have to learn which one is which. Until that happens, look them up in a dictionary.
The information on stress and conjugation cited below is a bit more detailed than the information listed in the headword line of the dictionary 5000 Russian Words or The Russian Dictionary Tree: first-person singular forms (я-forms) are listed below even though they are perfectly regular.
The first person singular forms are listed to remind you that the non-past stress pattern M means stress moves to the first singular ending, and also to remind you that various consonant alternations take place in the first singular of 2nd conjugation verbs.
Past tense forms are also listed below if there is a stress shift or any other peculiarity.
Perfective Conjugation Imperfective Conjugation
взїть (9) EM возьмџт; взялђ, взїли брђть (28) EM берџт; бралђ, брђли
положќть (19) MS -лћжат, -ложџ клђсть (38) ES кладџт; клђла, клђли
сказђть (3) MS -кђжут, -кажџ говорќть (7) ES -рїт
закрІть (6) SS -крћют закрывђть (44) SS -ђют
открІть (6) SS -крћют открывђть (36) SS -ђют
забІть (19) SS -бџдут забывђть (*) SS -ђют
перебќть (19) ES -бьєт перебивђть (*) SS -ђют
вернџть (27) ES -нџт возвращђть (38) SS -ђют
вернџться (29) ES -нџтся возвращђться (*) SS -ђются
дђть (31) (Irregular) давђть (50) ES даєт
задђть (24) (Irregular) задавђть (50) ES -даєт
передђть (8) (Irregular) передавђть (50) ES -даєт
перевестќ (7) EE -ведџт; -вёл, -велђ переводќть (37) MS -вћдят, -вожџ
отвестќ (57) EE -ведџт; -вёл, -велђ отводќть (*) MS -вћдят, -вожџ
отвезтќ (59) EE -везџт; -вёз, -везлђ отвозќть (*) MS -вћзят, -вожџ
начђться (55) EE начнџтся; началсї начинђться (*) SS -ђются
помћчь (50) ME -мћгут, -могџ, -мћжет, -мћг, -моглђ помогђть (*) SS -ђют
упђсть (46) ES -падџт; -пђл, -пђла пђдать (*) SS -ают
For the benefit of the readers of Beginning Russian, the verbs are listed with the lesson number of their first occurrence. The new partners are marked with an asterisk. The list covers Lessons 1 - 62.