All verbs use the regular past tense endings -#, -а, -о, -и. However, some past tense stems cannot be created in the usual way from the infinitive; the past tense of љсть 'eat', for example, cannot be formed simply by replacing the infinitive -ть with the past suffix -л-. Here are a few examples:
Infinitive љс -ть клђс -ть пой -тќ перевес -тќ
masculine љ клђ пошё перевё
feminine љ -ла клђ -ла пош -лђ переве -лђ
neuter љ -ло клђ -ло пош -лћ переве -лћ
Plural љ -ли клђ -ли пош -лќ переве -лќ