Here are a few common prepositions used in what might be called their secondary meanings (compared to their basic meanings).
на + Acc. (motion 'to' with на-nouns) Ї хочџ пойтќ на концљрт.
I want to go to a concert.
на + Prep. (location 'at/in' with на-nouns) Сђша всё ещё на концљрте?
Is Sasha still at the concert?
с + Gen. ('from' with на-nouns) Ћн тћлько что вернџлся с концљрта.
He just came back from a concert.
в + Acc. ('on' with days of the week) Когдђ бџдет контрћльная рабћта? — В срљду.
"When is the test?" "On Wednesday."
в + Prep. ('in' with months of the year) Когдђ вІ родилќсь? — В январљ.
"When were you born?" "In January."