Forms ending in -o that function as predicates (like Хћлодно. 'It is cold.') generally govern Dative forms to indicate the person involved (like Мнљ хћлодно. 'I am cold.'). Here are a few examples:
Мнљ хћлодно. I'm cold. Мнљ скџчно. I'm bored.
Мнљ теплћ. I'm warm. Мнљ легкћ. It's easy for me.
Мнљ жђрко. I'm hot. Мнљ трџдно. It's hard for me.
Мнљ їсно, что... It's clear to me that...
Мнљ интерљсно, что... It's interesting to me that...
See also separate sections on the words нџжно and нђдо.