If assigned, record a skit or conversation on Zoom and submit a link.

  1. log in to https://cornell.zoom.us with your Cornell email address (you may be prompted to create a Cornell Zoom account)
  2. start hosting a Zoom meeting with video;
    host meeting
  3. click the (i) icon in top left of the Zoom Meeting window and copy to your clipboard the link for inviting others to your meeting;
    invite others
  4. email the link to the student(s) you will work with, confirming the time when you want to start;
  5. agree on what you want to act out and rehearse a bit;
  6. when ready to record, you (the host) should find and click the Record button and select "Record to this Computer";
    record to computer
  7. when done, stop the recording
    stop recording
  8. you may record more than one conversation;
  9. after the meeting is ended, and the recordings are ready (compressed), you will be asked where you want the files to be saved:
    save recording
    if you have some cloud storage where you can share large files, that may be a good choice; if not, saved it elsewhere (and remember where);
  10. three files will be saved, e.g.
    saved files zoom_0.mp4 is the video and sound, audio_only.m4a is just sound (much smaller file); ignore playback.m3u
  11. share with your teacher (if you are using some cloud storage) or email to her the video or audio file; some email apps will ofer you a way to send a link when they see that you are attaching a very large file; if so, send the link, otherwise you should send audio_only.m4a. The dates will tell you wich files are most current.