Essential parts of the Zoom interface

Many buttons and icons do not show until the mouse pointer is in the Zoom window.

Windows and Mac interfaces are very similar. Mobile interfaces are different, but we do not recommend mobile devices.

Mute (when you are about to sneeze) and unmute your microphone.
unmute mic
Select and test speakers and microphone.
select mic
Select your camera.
select camera
Start and stop selected camera.
start video
Select speaker view (lecture) or gallery view (discussion).
select speaker view select gallery
See others (if they are hidden).
see others
Enlarge (pin) a window if it is too small.
too small large
Open a chat box and send everyone a message.
open chat send message
For any private dialog with another student (e.g., exchanging email addresses or phone numbers), select her name from the dropdown box--don't send it to Everyone.