If assigned, written homework goes into the designated folders on cornell.box.com.


in RUSSA 1122 in the spring, upload your PDFs using the corresponding links in the Canvas Assignments page for your section of the course.

You do not need to have an account on box.com, use a Cornell email address or net ID, or even know the folder name.

In your syllabus, you will see "Use this link to submit written homework for this week/day (PDF only)." Click that link, locate the file on your computer, and it will go to the appropriate folder for the right course and the right week. Just click the right link—not the one for last week!

How to name your homework file: YourNetID_LessXExY_YourName, e.g. sp27_Less7Ex6_Slava.pdf

There are several ways to make PDF versions of your homework.

You do not need to notify your instructor of the upload. You will receive the corrected PDF file, or a link to its location, by email from one of the instructors.

Please start the filename with your net ID. This will really save us time when returning corrected homework.