Zoom gear

Think: Sound, Video, Light

Why not just use the built-in mic and webcam? Because the mic will pick up computer noise and will be too far from your mouth. The webcam may be too far or too close to show your face the way you want. Natural light is great, but it is too bright in the morning and too dark at night.

IS ALL THIS REQUIRED? No, of course not. The minimum hardware needed for Zoom meetings is a laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone. But better equipment will help. If you decide to improve only ONE THING, get a microphone. For language classses, that's really important.
(All descriptions are linked to Amazon pages.)
if you like headphones: USB headset with a mic
if wearing headphones makes you tired: lavalier mic
for best quality, to capture those aspirated or palatalized consonants and glottal stops
desk mic
for better image, framing, focus
Note: use the tripod; do not clip the webcam to you laptop, especially if you want to use its mic (which may place the mic too far from your mouth).
any dimmable desktop LED light
desk light
Teachers and geeks: look at this and this and this (spendy). In addition to my Notes, the same issues are now being discussed in national press!