The Perfective verbs пойтќ (пойдџт; irreg. past пошёл) and пољхать (пољдут) generally mean 'go,' but often have the meaning 'to set out, to take off; to start'. Compare идтќ and пойтќ, below.
One-way: Ї егћ вќдел, когдђ ї шёл в кинћ. I saw him as I was going (on my way) to the movies.
Non-One-way: Ї ходќл в кинћ. I went to the movies. (round trip)
Perfective: Ї пошёл/пољхал в кинћ. I went to the movies. (I set out)
One-way: Шёл дћждь. It was raining.
Non-One-way: (impossible)
Perfective: Пошёл дћждь. It started raining.
One-way: Сегћдня бџдет идтќ дћждь. It will rain today.
Non-One-way: Сегћдня ї бџду ходќть по пђрку. I'm going to walk around in the park today.
Perfective: Ї пойдџ/пољду в библиотљку. I'm going to (taking off for) the library.