This chart lists the basic endings for the six prinicpal case forms of nouns and adjectives. Variations of these are the result of applying spelling rules, or several variants of a few specific endings. The endings that have variants are marked with an asterisk in the chart; click the * for details.
To spell zero (-#), use -ь for stem-final palatalized consonants (дІня — дІнь), -й for stem-final /y/ (задђние — задђний, истћрия — истћрий), and nothing at all after other stem-final consonants (кнќга — кнќг).
The notation =Nom/Gen reflects the animacy rule.
Gray text is used in the chart for the parts that are not printed at all in the book version of this chart in 5000 Russian Words. The muted color is intended to indicate that those endings do not have to be learned because:
   (1) o-declension noun endings are the same as the endings of the #-declension, except for the Nominative/Accusative and the Genitive Plural.
   (2) Most plural endings are in the 4 declensions of nouns do not differ from the #-declension plural endings. Where they do, they're shown in black.
  Singular Plural
  Adj. Noun Adj. Noun
    Nom. -ый/-ћй * -# -ые
    Acc. =Nom./Gen. =Nom./Gen.
    Gen. -ого -ых -ов/-ей *
    Prep. -ом -ых -ах
    Dat. -ому -ым -ам
    Inst. -ым -ом -ыми -ами
    Nom. -ое  
    Acc. -ое  
    Gen. -ого -ых -#
    Prep. -ом -ых -ах
    Dat. -ому -ым -ам
    Inst. -ым -ом -ыми -ами
    Nom. -ая -ые
    Acc. -ую =Nom./Gen.
    Gen. -ой -ых -#
    Prep. -ой -е/-и* -ых -ах
    Dat. -ой -е/-и* -ым -ам
    Inst. -ой [-ою] * -ой [-ою]* -ыми -ами
ь-declension (fem. only)
    Nom. -ая -ые
    Acc. -ую =Nom./Gen.
    Gen. -ой -ых -ей
    Prep. -ой -ых -ах
    Dat. -ой -ым -ам
    Inst. -ой [-ою] * -ью -ыми -ами
Recall that the Prepositional (and Dative for a-declension) of nouns in -ий, -ия, and -ие ends in -ии. Examples.
Certain minor rules about the Genitive Plural ending -ей for o- and a-declension nouns are omitted here. They are stated in all their complexity in the Appendix to 5000 Russian Words.